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Psychoeducational assessments


If school is difficult for your child, you might be wondering about a learning difference. Children with learning difficulties see, hear, and understand information differently. These differences can impact basic skills such as reading, writing, or math. They are sometimes referred to as dyslexia, dysgraphic, and dyscalculia. Learning differences can exist in more than one area. They aren't related to intelligence, nor are they related to a vision, hearing, or motor issue. Very smart and motivated youth can still struggle to learn. In a learning assessment, we’ll work to understand the reasons underlying challenges. With proper educational supports and interventions, your child will begin to enjoy learning again. 


According to the National Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities Center, up to 60% of adults with literacy challenges have an undetected or untreated learning difference. If you're a young adult wondering about a learning difference, you may have had certain difficulties in school but found ways to compensate. For instance, perhaps you chose listening to audiobooks instead of reading textbooks or avoided writing at all costs. It is not too late for an evaluation to help clarify your learning profile and determine which strategies will make learning easier for you. 

​Dr. Silva Hassert offers learning disorder psychological assessments for children and young adults in Marin County, CA. She serves San Rafael, Sausalito, Novato, Mill Valley, and the surrounding areas.

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